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Africa Trade & Regional Integration Portal

An online trade policy network for more than 2000 members, committed to push forward the African trade agenda.

The Africa Trade and Regional Integration Portal (ATRI) objective is to facilitate the search, selection, adaptation and advocacy as well as the dissemination of best practices in national and sub-regional policy development in Africa. The platform will result in ATPC being acknowledged by trade constituencies including but not limited to AU, AfDB, IDEP, AERC, WTO and UNCTAD as one of Africa’s leading Africa-based policy advisory service providers.

Work to develop the portal will include; setting up the ATPC website; develop an inventory of trade institutions and experts including gender groups. The platform will serve as a pool to share ATPC work such as; ATPC Work in Progress editions and ATPC quarterly Newsletters that have been published and distributed to 2500 stakeholders. The platform will ensure the continuing support ATPC is providing in terms of technical support to institutional trade constituencies. Positioning cross- cutting issues on the trade agenda is a key objective of the ATPC. In this regard, it has been observed that 20 per cent of the ATPC Network members have a special focus on cross cutting themes such as HIV/AIDS, Gender and Environment.