African Social Development Index

The African Social Development Index (ASDI) is a tool for assessing inclusive development in Africa. The construction of an index to measure exclusion in Africa is the outcome of a special request by member States to have an African tool capable of capturing the continent’s current and specific social challenges, while helping member States to develop more inclusive and equitable policies. The African Social Development Index is built on the important premise that social development should be reflected in improved human conditions. Too often, the focus is on measuring contextual elements, such as improved service delivery or increased investments in social sectors, which are expected to enhance livelihoods. However, it is a challenge to translate contextual factors directly into concrete outcomes at individual level. Following a life-cycle approach, the Index aims to measure the impact of social policies on human exclusion in six key dimensions of well-being: survival, health, education, employment, productive income and quality of life. One of the key features of the Index is that it can be measured across time and disaggregated by gender and geographical location. This helps to capture patterns of exclusion and inequality within and between countries.

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