African Trade Policy Centre

An online trade policy network for more than 2000 members, committed to push forward the African trade agenda.

The African Trade Policy Centre (ATPC), through the Regional Integration & Trade Division, is a specialized unit within ECA. The Centre, established in 2003, was initially set-up with the financial support of the Canadian Government through the Canada Fund for Africa. This support continues with the Global Affairs Canada. The Centre’s mission is to act as the leading Africa-based centre of excellence and a continental hub for providing and coordinating technical support for the development of trade policies in Africa, in particular the negotiation and implementation of the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) agreement and the Boosting Intra-African Trade initiative. The Centre engages with relevant stakeholders such as the private sector, civil society, and academia in research, training, information dissemination and advisory services to build consensus and achieve inclusive outcomes. The Centre also conducts research to generate and disseminate knowledge on trade and provides policy advice, training and capacity building based on the needs identified by its partners.

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