ATPC Weekly Digest 30 July 2018



26 July-15 August: Rwanda International Trade Fair 2018, Kigali, Rwanda (Link)

30 July-11 August: 7th meeting of the TWG on Rules of Origin, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

30 July-01 August 2018: Sensitize and support RECs/MS on the ratification and implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (including best practices on border management), Abidjan, Ivory Coast

30 July- 04 August: Empretec Training Workshop,  Luanda, Angola (Link)



'We stand united against protectionism' - Commonwealth secretary-general, Patricia Scotland has dismissed increasing US protectionism as a threat against the organisation and called on the 53 member countries to unite against it.  She poked holes in President Donald Trump’s stance on economic policy and likened it to World War I and II. (23 July, IOL)

Keywords: Commonwealth, Protectionism, Economic policy

From parts to products: Why trade logistics matter -  With trade and logistics touching so many areas of an economy, it can be difficult to get a complete picture of a country’s performance. This is why the Logistics Performance Index (LPI), part of the biennial report Connecting to Compete, evaluates countries across a number of indicators. (24 July, World Bank)

Keywords: Commonwealth, Protectionism, Economic policy

UK should worry if digital products become part of the global trade and tariff debate - Amid the global debate about trade tariffs, prompted by US president Donald Trump’s unorthodox economic policies, it’s little remarked that the digital economy is largely untouched by the international tariff regime. (26 July, Computer Weekly)

Keywords: UK, Digital economy, Trade tariffs

BRICS bloc signs declaration reaffirming multilateral trade as per WTO rules -  Leaders of the BRICS bloc signed a declaration supporting an open and inclusive multilateral trading system as envisaged by the World Trade Organisation at a summit on Thursday in South Africa. (27 July, Reuters)

Keywords: BRICS, Multilateral trade, Declaration

China's role in the global economy - China has been accelerating the pace of its economic opening up since it joined the WTO in 2001. The country scrapped approval for foreign trade in 2004, allowing private and foreign companies to operate with a simple registration. In 2005, China removed non-tariff barriers such as quotas and import licenses on more than 400 products. (27 July, CGTN)

Keywords: China, Global economy, Foreign trade

Adding economic value to biodiversity will help save it - UNCTAD, in partnership with the ABS Capacity Development Initiative, made its mark at the 2018 High Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development on 16 July at United Nations headquarters. The joint event was held to highlight how BioTrade – the production and commercialization of goods and services derived from native biodiversity. (27 July, UNCTAD)

Keywords: UNCTAD, Biotrade, Commercialization of goods



Belt and Road adds new momentum to China-Africa cooperation - The China-Africa cooperative projects such as the electrified railway connecting landlocked Ethiopia with Djibouti, the Mombasa-Nairobi standard gauge railway in Kenya, the Maputo Cross-sea Bridge in Mozambique and various industrial zones established in recent years, have been a reflection of the successful cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative. (25 July, Xinhua)

Keywords: China, Africa, Belt and Road , Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti

India becomes Africa’s fourth largest trading partner - India has become Africa’s fourth largest national trade partner after trade between the country and the continent rose more than 10 folds between 2001 and 2014 – a joint report by the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) and Exim Bank of India (Exim India) says. (25 July, GBN)

Keywords: India, Africa, Trading partnership

World’s first blockchain commodity exchange to transform African agribusiness - Binkabi, an Africa-focused blockchain startup, is set to pilot what it says will be the world’s first commodity exchange on blockchain. The firm will first launch the exchange in Nigeria, having entered a partnership with TAK Agro, a local agricultural conglomerate. (27 July, Global Trade Review)

Keywords: Africa, Commodity exchange, Agribusiness

IOM and African Union study explores argument for free movement, highlights pitfalls - The study commissioned by the AUC and IOM to further inform deliberations on and work towards continental integration explores the argument for free movement, while also highlighting potential pitfalls, and enables for a well-governed continental free movement regime. (28 July, Devdiscourse)

Keywords: IOM, AU, Free movement, Continental integration

Development Co-operation Report 2018 - The 2018 Development Co-operation Report: Joining Forces to Leave No One Behind is informed by the latest evidence on what it means to be left behind from a range of perspectives and builds on lessons from policies, practices and partnerships that work. The report proposes a holistic and innovative framework to shape and guide development co-operation policies and tools that are fit for the purpose of leaving no one behind. (10 July, OECD)

Keywords: OECD, Development Co-operation, Foreign aid

Mainstreaming Biodiversity for Sustainable Development - The need to mainstream biodiversity into economic growth and development is being increasingly recognised and is now also firmly embedded in the Sustainable Development Goals. Drawing on experiences and insights from 16 predominantly megadiverse countries, this report examines how biodiversity is being mainstreamed in four key areas. (10 July, OECD)

Keywords: Biodiversity, Sustainable Development, OECD

Africa's Development Dynamics 2018 -  This new annual report presents an Africa open to the world and towards the future. Africa's Development Dynamics uses the lessons learned in the five African regions – Central, East, North, South and West Africa – to develop recommendations and share good practices. The report identifies innovative policies and offers practical policy recommendations, adapted to the specificities of African economies. (11 July, OECD)

Keywords: Africa, Development Dynamics, Innovative policies



World Bank approves $794.5M for Cameroon hydro - The World Bank has approved $794.5M investment for the Nachtigal hydropower project in Cameroon. The investment package will help Cameroon accomplish its goal of improving access to electricity by over 80 percent of the population by 2022. (27 July, Africa Oil & Power)

Keywords: World Bank, Cameroon, Hydropower project



100 regional laws need amendment - More than 100 laws in the six East African Community partner states’ national legislations should be reviewed to conform to the EAC Common Market Protocol. The concerned laws relate to the provisions of the protocol, namely: free movement of goods; free movement of persons; free movement of labour; free movement of capital; free movement of services; right of establishment, and right of residence. (24 July, Daily Monitor)

Keywords: EAC, Laws' amendment , Regional Integration

New ferry to boost regional trade and cooperation - Ugandans in the Albertine region have reason to smile, thanks to the new MV Albert Nile 1 ferry that Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) commissioned on July 13 in a colourful ceremony that also doubled as the official launch of UNRA’s 10 year anniversary. (23 July, The Independent)

Keywords: Uganda, New ferry, Regional trade

Uganda moves to scale up commercial cooperation with Ghana - Uganda’s new envoy to the Republic of Ghana,  Amb. Nelson Ocheger has called for the scaling up of commercial cooperation between the two countries so as to spur investment in agriculture and animal husbandry, mining, fishing and infrastructural development. (23 July, The Independent)

Keywords: Uganda, Ghana, Commercial cooperation

Kenya, Namibia committed to enhance bilateral relations - Kenya has reiterated its commitment to continue working closely with other African countries to advance the realization of various programmes and initiatives of the African Union, as envisioned in the Agenda 2063. (27 July, Tralac)

Keywords: Kenya, Namibia, AfCFTA



World Bank’s logistics index highlights Morocco’s weak performance in 2018 - Morocco is 109th in the world, moving backward in the ranking conducted by the World Bank on trade logistics. The  2018 Logistics Performance Index, published on the 24th of July, shows that the Kingdom couldn’t maintain its 2016’s position (96th in the world). (26 July, Yabiladi)

Keywords: Morocco, World Bank, Logistics index

AfDB signs grant for modernization of agricultural systems in Sudan - The African Development Bank on Thursday signed a USD 41M grant agreement with the Republic of Sudan to finance a public sector Agriculture Value Chain Development Project in the country. (27 July, Devdiscourse)

Keywords: AfDB, Agricultural systems, Modernization



AfDB unveils support for agriculture transformation in Mozambique - The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a US$22.4M package to finance two projects to support agricultural transformation in Mozambique, the bank announced. (24 July, Journal du Cameroon)

Keywords: AfDB, Mozambique, Agriculture transformation

Zimbabwe engages SADC over market access - Zimbabwe is still engaging SADC on full market access as it has not yet fully implemented the SADC Free Trade Area due to industrialisation, Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development minister Mike Bimha has said. (27 July, Tralac)

Keywords: Zimbabwe, SADC, Market access, Free Trade Area



Niger to refine crude exports in Nigeria - Nigeria and the Republic of Niger signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to construct a hydrocarbon pipeline and a petroleum refinery. The refinery is anticipated to be complete by 2021, and will have a capacity of between 100,000 and 150,000 barrels per day. (26 July, Africa Oil & Power)

Keywords: Niger, Nigeria, Crude exports, Hydrocarbon

Ghana needs to focus more on Agro-Industry development - Ghana has been urged to focus more on developing the agro-industrial sector of the economy as it had potential for growth in the short-term. According to Mr. Robert Porter Jackson, outgoing Ambassador of the United States to Ghana, Ghana currently imported too much food than it should, in spite of its capacity to produce. ( 29 July, Business Ghana)

Keywords: Ghana, Agro-Industry, Development