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Ashutosh Hemant Kumar SUNTH
Programme Management Officer
OES- Partnerships & Resource Mobilization Section
Areas of Expertise
Administration, Management And Programme Analysis
Aster Denekew YILMA
Geographic Information Officer
ACS- Geospatial Information Management System
Areas of Expertise
Cartography, Climate Change Impacts, Data And Information Analysis And Mining, Data Integration, Data Management, Data Mining, Earth Sciences, Environment, Geography, Geospatial Analysis, Gis, Information & Communications Technology (ict),...
Atkeyelsh PERSSON
Programme Management Officer, Policy researcher
SPORD- Corporate Policy Planning, Monitoring & Reporting Section
Areas of Expertise
Development Economics, Development Planning, Disease Prevention And Control, Environmental Economics, Health, Natural Resource & Energy, Natural Resources And The Environment, Development, Natural Resources Management, Policy Development,...
Medical Officer
DOA- United Nations Health Care Center
Areas of Expertise
Medical Practice
ACS- Geospatial Information Management System
Areas of Expertise
Demography, Geospatial Analysis, Gis, Statistics
Economic Affairs Officer
SRO-NA- Employment & Skills for Balanced Development Section
Areas of Expertise
Economics, Project Management
Bineswaree Bolaky
Economic affairs officer
SRO-SA- Sub Regional Initiatives Section
Areas of Expertise
Development Economics, Economics
Charles AKOL
Environmental Affairs Officer
TCCNRMD- Green Economy Innovations & Technologies Section
Areas of Expertise
Agricultural Environment And Natural Resources, Agriculture, Forestry And Fishing, Capacity Building And Programme Management, Climate Change Impacts, Climate Economy, Development Planning, Disaster Prevention, Preparedness And Relief, Ecology,...
David LUKE
Coordinator, African Trade Policy Centre
RITD- African Trade Policy Center
Areas of Expertise
International Commercial And Trade Law
Chief of Section
SPORD- Standards & Quality Assurance Section
Areas of Expertise