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Jean-Paul AWUOR
Translator, English
PCKMD- Publications & Conference Management Section
Areas of Expertise
Language Translator
Principal Economic Policy Officer
MGD- Office of the Director
Areas of Expertise
Economic Theory, Macroeconomics, Mathematics, Monetary Economics
Economic Affairs Officer
PSDFD- Agriculture & Business Enabling Environment Section
Areas of Expertise
Economics, Environment
Gender Affairs Officer
GPSPD- Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment Section
Areas of Expertise
Gender Equality And The Empowerment Of Women, Public Policy
Kelemwork KEJELA
Head Nurse
DOA- United Nations Health Care Center
Areas of Expertise
Human Resource Management, Nursing
Khanh Ha Tran
Associate Geographic Information Officer
Areas of Expertise
Information Science
Kossi Edem Kludza
Associate Statistician
ACS- Statistical Development, Data Innovation & Outreach Section
Areas of Expertise
Data Management, Design, Testing, Operation And Modification Of Econometric Models, Economics/econometrics, International Trade, Population Dynamics, Research & Development, Socioeconomic, Statistician & Mathematics, Statistics
Programme Management Officer
RITD- Market Institutions Section
Areas of Expertise
International Law, Procurement
Chief of Section
RITD- Market Institutions Section
Areas of Expertise
Economics, Economics And Trade (investment), International Relations
Louis Mitondo LUBANGO
TCCNRMD- Green Economy Innovations & Technologies Section
Areas of Expertise
Industrial Development Support Services, Intellectual Property Law, Intellectual Property Rights (ipr), Manufacturing And Mining Industries And Products, Marine Resources, Natural Resources And The Environment, Development, Patent Law, Public Policy