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Louis Mitondo LUBANGO
TCCNRMD- Green Economy Innovations & Technologies Section
Areas of Expertise
Industrial Development Support Services, Intellectual Property Law, Intellectual Property Rights (ipr), Natural Resources And The Environment, Development, Patent Law, Public Policy
Lulseged LEGESSE
Facilities Management Officer
DOA- Facilities Management Section
Areas of Expertise
Architectural Drawing, Architectural Engineering, Construction Engineering, Construction Management Engineering, Management, Project Management, Project Manager Engineer
Mahamadou Nassirou BA
Economic Affairs Officer
TCCNRMD- Climate Change Section
Areas of Expertise
Agricultural And Food Systems, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Value Chain, Climate Change Impacts
Mahaman Lawan ABOU
Chief of Unit, French Translation & Editing
PCKMD- Publications & Conference Management Section
Areas of Expertise
Language Translator
Chief Budget Officer/Chief of Unit, Budget Unit
DOA- Finance & Budget Section
Areas of Expertise
Budget Specialist, Business Administration, Chartered Accountant
Malick Mamadou BAL
Economic Affairs Officer
SRO-CA- Economic Diversification Policy and Reforms Section
Areas of Expertise
Economics, Management
SRO-EA- Office of the Director
Areas of Expertise
Development Economics, Development Planning, Economic Research And Analysis Including Macroeconomic Trends, Economic Research And Capacity Building, Public Finance, Statistics, Sustainable Development
Mamoudou SEBEGO
Economic Affairs Officer
SRO-WA- Sub Regional Initiatives Section
Areas of Expertise
Development Economics, Development Planning, Econometrics
Marios Pournaris
Associate Social Affairs Officer
GPSPD- Urbanization & Development Section
Areas of Expertise
Matthew Meyer
Associate Human Resources Officer
DOA- Human Resources Management Section
Areas of Expertise
Human Resource Management