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Mahamadou Nassirou BA
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa
Economic Affairs Officer, TCCNRMD- Climate Change Section
Mahamadou Nassirou Ba is an Agricultural Economist. He is an Economic Affairs Officer at the Technology, Climate Change and Natural Resources Division, specializing in the Nexus, Agriculture, Food Security, Trade and Climate Change. Prior to joining ECA, he worked with USAID Office of transition Initiatives ( OTI) in Iraq as Program Director in charge of Southern Iraq working on Community Based Development and Transition Initiatives, agricultural development projects. He later joined International Relief and Development (IRD) based in Arlington, Virginia where he was in charge of Africa, Asia and the Middle Eastern programs including Iraq, Pakistan, Georgia and Afghanistan. Mr Ba spearheaded the agricultural voucher program in Afghanistan based on increased fertiliser use and increased productivity and value chains. He joined the UNECA as an Economic Affairs Officer in June 2009, where his main focus has been on the nexus food security, agriculture, trade and climate change. He published many articles on regional value chains, Greenhouse gas emission in agriculture including key component such as regional trade issues such as CFTA (Continental Free trade Area), BIAT (Boosting Inter-African trade), all within the framework of NEPAD/CAADP. Mr. Ba is an advocate of green economy and climate smart agriculture and is currently working with ECA partners i.e. AU, RECs, UN family, member’s states, stakeholders on agricultural productivity issues in an eco-friendly environment. He has several publications in reputable Journals such as “Agricultural Science “and member of “Research Gate”.Mr. Ba holds a M.Sc. in agricultural economics from the University of Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States.
Areas of Expertise
Agricultural And Food Systems, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Value Chain, Climate Change Impacts


Postgraduate diploma
Agricultural Business Management
University of California, Davis
Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Marketing
Bachelor's degree
Ecole nationale d'Administration du Mali
Bachelor of Science in
Master's Degree
Agricultural Economics
University of Fayetteville, Arkansas
Master of Science in Agricultural Economics




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