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Isatou GAYE
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa
Chief, NEPAD, RITD- Regional Integration & NEPAD Section
Isatou Gaye is Chief of the NEPAD Section in the Regional Integration & Trade Division. Her areas of expertise include sustainable development, development planning, environment, natural resources management and climate change. Recent publications address topics such as inclusive green economy, sustainable development goals, institutions, policies and strategies, environment, natural resource management and climate change. Ms. Gaye holds a Masters degree equivalent in environmental science and technology, specializiing in environmental resource management and impact assessment from the International Institute for Infrastructural Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering (IHE), Delft, the Netherlands , and a Masters degree in environmental microbiology from the University of Benin, Nigeria.
Areas of Expertise
Climate Change Impacts, Development Planning, Environment, Natural Resources Management, Sustainable Development


Master of Philosophy
Environmental management
IHE, Delft, The Netherlands; University of Benin
Post Graduate Diploma with Distinction (Masters Equivalent) in Environmental Science and Technology, specialty Environmental Resource Management and Impact Assessment
Master's Degree
University of Benin
Microbiology (environmental module)
Bachelor's degree
University of Lagos
BSc Honours Biology