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Louis Mitondo LUBANGO
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa
, TCCNRMD- Green Economy Innovations & Technologies Section
Louis M. Lubango (PhD, LLM, magma cum laude, MS, BSc Hons.) is Environmental Affairs Officer. Among his areas of work are intellectual property laws and industrial use, dispute settlement, sustainable consumption and production, emissions monitoring, capture and businesses, technology transfer, industrial management, and development. He has provided expert services to industries and governments on those matters. He has coordinated the operation of national strategic research plans in research councils (on industry, health, water, agriculture, minerals, human sciences), astronomical observatories, accelerators, parks, etc. He is Review Editor on several Elsevier's Journals covering matters relating to intellectual property, technological change, research management, and cleaner production. He is Expert Reviewer on IPCC Special Reports covering matters relating to ocean-atmosphere interactions, disasters, and carbon capture and use. He is a member of the WIPO Academy, and widely published by Elsevier and Springer Nature.
Areas of Expertise
Industrial Development Support Services, Intellectual Property Law, Intellectual Property Rights (ipr), Natural Resources And The Environment, Development