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Social Policy for Development Planners for an Inclusive, Resilient and Sustainable Recovery Post-COVID-19

Announcement in Brief

Type : Short Term Course
Programme Area : Social policy
Date : 8th August 2022
Duration : 9 Weeks
Language : Bilingual (English / French)
Location : Web Based E-Learning
Fee : Gratuit
Application Deadline : 31st July 2022
Specific target audience : No
Website :
Applications :

Programme Rationale 

As a region, Africa has seen remarkable progress in socio-economic development in the past two decades. It still experiences, however, high levels of poverty and inequality, food insecurity and malnutrition, high maternal and child mortality, high levels of informal employment, conflicts and the impacts of climate change.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented disruptions to Africa resulting in Social and Economic shocks, reducing earnings and increasing poverty and food insecurity as well as leading the region into its first recession in 25 years .

Although, it began as a health emergency, the COVID-19 pandemic has become a devastating socioeconomic crisis in Africa, reversing hard-won development gains such as poverty and inequality reduction.


The overarching objective of the course on “Social Policy for Development Planners for an Inclusive, Resilient and Sustainable Recovery Post-COVID-19” is to contribute to the development of a critical mass of highly skilled middle and senior development officials and decision makers who have a strong social policy consciousness and orientation, and who will be suitably or better equipped to design and manage development plans in which social and economic policies and strategies are fully interfaced to deliver the kinds of transformative outcomes desired; especially to build forward better Post-COVID-19 Africa.

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