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COVID-19: Recent study recommends comprehensive research on African…

Result of a recent study called for comprehensive research on traditional medicine in African countries to prevent future COVID-19 pandemic in the continent.

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COVID-19: WHO highlights critical importance of sharing virus sequences

Although virus sequencing is vital to detect and track new variants in the COVID-19 pandemic, sharing this information must be stepped

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How Botswana, a self-financing COVAX country, solved its pandemic

If anyone knows that a radically inclusive health agenda can rout a rampant virus, it's Botswana. That's part of why, in 2020, the 

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South Africa not tightening COVID rules over China, subvariant

South Africa does not see the need to implement any new COVID-19 restrictions either at home or for arrivals over an infection surge in China.

Reuters | Read More

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Good news to build upon: Africa is converging

In these challenging times marked with inflation, climate change, pandemics, and geo-political…

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The Global Economic Outlook in Five Charts

Emerging Market and Developing Economies (EMDEs) are projected to experience subdued growth

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Progress with COVID-19 vaccination among respondents to the

Self-reported vaccination rates are consistently higher than what is reported by respondents…

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Dramatic Decoupling of COVID-19 Infections From Hospitalizations

The link between coronavirus infection and death seems to have been broken in South Africa where…

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