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Advancing Antimicrobial Stewardship and AMR Surveillance in Eastern and Southern Africa

Over 70 Experts from 15 African Union Member States in East and Southern Africa under the One-Health Approach convened in Nairobi, Kenya to review…

Africa CDC | Read More

Study shows substantial increase in childhood diabetes rates during COVID-19 pandemic

A study published last month in JAMA Network Open found that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rate of new cases of type 1 diabetes…

WSWS | Read More

Pandemic babies behind on communication at age two – but other developmental areas remain unaffected

How did this strange new world affect babies born during the height of the pandemic? Our research sought to find out.

Gavi | Read More

COVID-19 vaccines can provide critical protection for children

The data shows that the vaccine is highly effective in preventing COVID-19 in young children, especially in preventing severe disease or death.

Gavi | Read More
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Failing to protect health care workers comes at too great a cost

While health care workers played a critical role in saving people's lives, they faced a much

World Bank | More Blogs

Shaping the Future of Healthcare Access in Africa: Abigail Ayogu's Story

As we celebrate International Day of Girls in ICT, Abigail Ayogu's story is a reminder of the

E-health Africa | More Blogs

Tough Pills to Swallow: Challenges and Priority Actions for the Rollout ...

To expand global access, Pfizer and Merck signed voluntary licensing agreements that grant

CGD | More Blogs

How Rwanda’s COVID-19 response strengthened its strategy on medical oxygen

Rwanda’s national response strategy to the pandemic has greatly increased the provision of oxygen

World Bank | More Blogs